About Jocoba Marketing

Jocoba Marketing, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia is a leading provider of promotional products.

We can assist your marketing objectives with these quality programs:

Fulfillment programs
Corporate recognition programs
Premiums and Incentives Sales Incentives
Trade Show Programs
Safety Programs
Service Awards
Employee Recognition
Product Introductions
Business Gifts
Sport Tournaments
Company Outings
Thank you programs
E-Commerce Services: online stores and fulfillment services

Jocoba has quickly achieved a reputation of success, performance and trust. Companies such as Cardinal Logistic Management, Inc., Holiday Inn, Atlanta Journal Constitution and Home Depot have chosen Jocoba to manage and operate all or part of their brand marketing programs.

Our intent is to maintain our edge of being the best promotional products supplier in the business focused on quality products delivered in a timely manner. As evidence by our successful track record to date, it is our belief that the market will allow significant growth opportunties for us as long as we continue to deliver high quality execution of the range of solutions we provide. We are free to pick and choose the options that make the best sense for us, and our clients as circumstances dictate in each situation. Jocoba's growth stategy is simple - we want to partner with a few, select companies who share our vision of world class service and customer satisfaction.

The ideal partner for us is a company who values high service, close contact with our upper management, flexibility, and a focus on achieving long term goals in a team based atmosphere. Our core values are centered on our commitment to be brutally honest with each and every customer, employee & business partner.

These values are basis for:
"The Jocoba Promise"
* We develop & retain the best people in the business
* We assign an account management team you can trust
* We guarantee personalized service and customized solutions
* We use the best, market leading technology and support
* We only make commitments we can keep
* Our relationships are built around continuous improvement

Jocoba Marketing, LLC

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